Azuria Sky [Live Set] - Babycastles 20161217 (New York, NY)

by azuria sky

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◆ Date: December 17th, 2016 ◆ Location: Babycastles, NYC ◆ Music: Goto80, cut_scenes, Azuria Sky, BIAS ONE ◆ Visuals: Cryptic Carousel, mrghosty

Bringing collabs and some of my older tracks out into the open. These songs all carry significant meaning for me.

Original songs composed on a Nintendo Gameboy and FL Studio.

Set list:
Stay - YeahRight! ft. Azuria Sky
Time - cloud.sea (Azuria Sky + AIMM)
Remember When
your sunlit smile
Brighter Skies - Lightscape ft. Azuria Sky
Clair de Lune
kingscourt imp - kettel (azuria sky rework)



Stay - YeahRight! ft. Azuria Sky

at the time i had
that discomposure
when the green collapsed
right next to you
but when we collide
in borrowed time
then the blue might finally stay

Time - cloud.sea (Azuria Sky + AIMM)

she said--
when we go back to the future
when we arrive, we'll sing again
and so--
then we returned and descended into sleep
and then I woke up forever

You're the one I've been waiting for more than 4.5 billion years.
The time has stopped as the photons turned so clear, all around you

Let the stars glow and gently fall upon the colors of this voice
It would be fair enough if the grass went up the hill,

It's far too late, we should be getting you home the twilight keeps on shining
I stopped the time to feel the breeze caress my eyes

What if the sky, turned so bright, while we were counting sheep that were so hard to find?
And if I, want to cry, will you rewind my tears to the time they faded away...

Brighter Skies - Lightscape ft. Azuria Sky

you read my story on a crumbling tideline
the ever-blue saturated both our minds
i saw the past when you had brighter eyes
but we don't need to go back

we raised our eyes towards the raging thunder
a cascade of hope permeated both our lives
we'll never know if all the stars align
but things will be alright

we may be small but we're not going under
the dark may rage but i won't go back
i'll breathe the air that i've carried with me
you look so beautiful..


now close your eyes
i'll sing a lullaby
with silence as my words
i bid you goodbye

meet me in the tide
i'll be in disguise
and though the years go by
i'll smile when you arrive

open your eyes
and slowly breathe again
i'll be sure to hide near you
when i disappear


released December 17, 2016
photo by chiptography <3 ◆ View complete photo set:




azuria sky New York, New York

Operating a Dot Matrix Gameboy, Azuria Sky paints heart-wrenching melodies framed by unrelenting lo-fi bass.

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