We Were Once Called Spring

by azuria sky

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Michael St. George
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Michael St. George Really lovely, albeit niche, collection of music. An assortment of video game hardware sounds infused into the classical instrumentation of the piano and acoustic guitar (and sometimes strings), deftly and delicately overlaid with soothing, minimalistic vocals: the finished result is mellow, somewhat melancholy, richly soulful, and relaxingly pure. A valuable addition to any collection. 8.5/10.0 Favorite track: Confessions (feat. Puppet).
bryface international music concern
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bryface international music concern Sky's delicate and fluttery voice delivers heartfelt, introspective musings that pierce glass shards into a meditative, cavernous soundscape facilitated by her skill in many instruments. Terrific album to reset your life to. Favorite track: Blue.
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released May 1, 2019




azuria sky Los Angeles, California

A restful harbor.

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Track Name: Exhale, 3. Adagio
Falling for you was like
Sinking beneath the tide
Breathing and terrified
I'm still not suffocating

You breathe in
I breathe you,
Half alive and
I am drowning
How do I exhale you?
Track Name: Summer
Taking flight on a summer's eve
You alighted upon my sleeve
But where did you come from
And why are you still buried here

I can't find an answer
With all of my hopes
Shattered here
So I paint the silence
In abstract words
Within my hand

When the one you love
Doesn't like your dreams
And though you sang for him
He won't caress your wings

'Cos they're not the right shape
They're not the right color
And slowly your lungs
Fill with water

But I won't stand here any longer
You'll hear my screams
When I've left this place
The vines in my hair intertwining
I'll spell your name
Until it doesn't make sense
Track Name: Listen - Remaster
Flowers bloom
From drops of sun
Our tattered hearts
Sail bravely on

Windows bathed
In starlight
I can hear you
Can you hear me?
Track Name: Confessions (feat. Puppet)
We began here
In a reverie
In that moment
It got hard to breathe

I am shy and
I'm sorry that
I denied you
And couldn't see

You look tired and
It's haunting me

Keeping time of life
Remind me

The noise inside my head
Describes me

Where I want to hide
Defines me

I hope you know I tried
Track Name: Ravens
I saw ravens today
As the sun began to fade
Silhouettes against the sky
They came back to say goodbye

One, by one, by one
One, by one, by one

I heard your name today
I didn't have much to say
As I turned away to cry
I couldn't tell you why

I saw ravens today
As the sun began to fade
And you swayed in time
As they took flight

In the rain

One by one

I saw ravens today
Track Name: Blue
How will I know
When it is daylight
Heart in repose
My thoughts rewinding

Carrying through
The rest of our lives
We'll never know
How we came to life

When did I become
This daydream
Your voice remote
Turning me clockwise

You'll never know
How hard I tried
For a chance this song
Would soften your eyes

Falling for you was like
Sinking beneath the tide
And now the word has
A different shade of blue

Bury me
Carry me

Because of you
Track Name: Disappear
Now close your eyes
I'll sing a lullaby
With silence as my words
I bid you goodbye

Meet me in the tide
I'll be in disguise
And though the years go by
I'll smile when you arrive

Open your eyes
And slowly breathe again
I'll be sure to hide near you
When I disappear

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